Ivy Prep YMLA Seeks Vendors for Spring Festival

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Ivy Preparatory Young Men’s Leadership Academy PTSA Seeks Vendors for 2014 Spring Festival

Ivy Preparatory Academy Spring Festival sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is scheduled for April 19, from Noon to 5 p.m. The festival would be held inside and outside the school located at 1807 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30317. Festivities will include rides, games, food, and fun for close to 700 students and their families. The PTSA is seeking vendors who have products and services that will appeal to youths and adults. The deadline to reserve space is April 16, 2014). Interested vendors should email Ms. Davis at for more details.

About Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood

Ivy Preparatory Academy is a public charter school that focuses on building the scholarly habits, attitudes, and skills students need to succeed in college, in their communities, and in life. Our seamless college preparatory model provides Ivy Prep students with a rigorous curriculum, engaging teachers, and a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment that develops the academic, behavioral and personal skills of all students. The Kirkwood location has two schools at site; Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood for Girls & Ivy Preparatory Young Men’s Leadership Academy.

Welcome Aboard Flight 850!

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Welcome Aboard Flight 850!

We are back from Spring Break and ready to complete the next 6 weeks! In preparation for CRCT next week, we are working diligently to ensure our scholars master and exceed on all standards. Our CRCT theme this year is FLIGHT 850! A score of 850 exhibits a scholar has exceeded on standards. Let’s prepare for TAKE OFF!

Click here to access Georgia CRCT Study Guides.

2014 Lottery Results (Kirkwood)

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2014 Lottery Results (Kirkwood)

Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood held its annual lottery for the 2014-2015 school year. For the list of results by lottery number, please follow the link below. Parents of admitted scholars, you must have your enrollment packet submitted by the assigned deadline, or your scholar will be reassigned to the Waiting List.

Lottery Results

IPA Gwinnett Scholars Take On Engineering Challenge

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IPA Gwinnett Scholars Take On Engineering Challenge

Lessons Taught By Engineers Expose Scholars to STEM Careers

eng02Scholars at Ivy Prep Gwinnett learned about careers in science and mathematics recently during national Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. The lesson was part of the public charter school’s continuing effort to incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM education – into the curriculum.

IPA Gwinnett was visited by 26 volunteers affiliated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The volunteers included members of IEEE Atlanta Women in Engineering, the IEEE Atlanta Area section, IEEE at Georgia Tech and Women in Electronics, Computing and Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Ivy Prep teachers invited the engineers and engineering students into their classrooms to lead a special lesson.

Scholars were asked to use their math and science skills to design a small-scale electronic dance pad that could be used as a prototype for a game.

“Engineers use math and science as tools to design devices to solve problems,” Mahasweta Bhaumik, an architect, told a class of IPA scholars. “They work in teams toward a common goal, designing and building things that help people.”

The guest teachers then taught scholars a lesson on the history of electricity. The lecture covered the Greek discovery of static electricity 2,500 years ago and the advances that occurred in the late 1800s when George Westinghouse redesigned the power transformer and developed the AC power distribution network that helps to provide electricity for homes today. Scholars also learned about electrical conductors, insulators and circuits. They used Ohm’s law, a mathematical formula, to determine the current and voltage in a circuit, which helped them with the dance pad experiment.

eng03After the lecture, scholars were asked to build a switch for their models. The girls had to figure out how big their dance pads would be and how sturdy they would need to make the pads to withstand stomping and jumping. Scholars used the design process followed by engineers on the job: Brainstorm, design, build, test and redesign.

During the testing phase, scholars connected wires and batteries on their models to see if the prototype’s light switched on or buzzer buzzed.

“This is an exciting time for us because it gives our girls an opportunity to meet engineers and ask questions about their jobs,” said Joy Treadwell, principal of IPA Gwinnett. “Our engineering partners are able to expose the girls to math and science and show them that it can be fun. It’s nice to be able to expose the girls to a field in which girls are traditionally under-represented.”

While women make up nearly half of the nation’s workforce, they only represent 26 percent of the STEM workforce, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Efforts like national Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day encourage girls to pursue careers in math, science and technology.

Thank You to Our Parent Supporters!

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Thank You to Our Parent Supporters!

Ivy Preparatory Academy offers our sincerest thanks to the parents who attended our recent town hall meetings. The following members of the Ivy Prep family have committed to making Ivy Prep a better network through their time, financial contributions, and more:

Blondina Zacarias
Bridget Case
Charene Arthur
Henri Arscott
Irma Zefino
Jennifer Legardy-Williams, Charles Williams
Kelli Ederton
Kimberlyn Barnes
Latonia Howard
Liliana Ortegon
Maya Sims
Mercedes Massiah
Michelle Thompson
Miriam Tucker
Pierre Sheppard
Reginald / Emily Cormier
Robin McNeil
Shayna Tucker
Susannah Benjamin
Veronica Wiley
Wanda Hunter
Yolanda Grayson

Another Successful Season for Team Ivy

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Another Successful Season for Team Ivy

wallerTeam Ivy Basketball Season Ends With Playoffs, Pride and Promise

Playoffs Team Ivy completed its basketball season reaching the charter school league playoffs for the third consecutive year.

The Gwinnett Monarchs won second place in the LukeSports Tournament with an 8-2-season record. The team lost to their rivals, the Lady Vikings, a team affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union.

“The season went really well,” said Coach Terrence Waller, IPA’s Athletic Director. “I am very proud of both teams. The girls did phenomenal making it to the championships. They came up a little short. We’ve been there before. We are just going to go back to the workshop and rebuild some things.’”

Waller said the Kirkwood Knights, the boys’ team, lost all of its games, but bonded as a group. Next season, the Knights will restructure and focus on game fundamentals. Basketball tryouts for both teams will be held earlier in the season so that scholars chosen for the program will have more time to train together and build their skills.

Tryouts for the 2014-15 school year will be held sometime in August, Waller said.

“The guys’ season didn’t turn out as great as I wanted it to be, but that is any time when you start a new program,” said Waller. “Our first time with the girls it was 2-8 this time it’s 0-10. The parents have become familiar with the league and our program. We want to make sure that the boys take it seriously. We are going to be in a building phase for both teams.”

Team Ivy will lose many of its veteran players at the end of the school year. The starting five on the Monarchs – Shay Sweat, Reina Mitchom, Hannah Dunston, Samantha Gaddy and Jade Dodd-Mungin – will move on to high schools with competitive basketball programs. The Monarchs’ Jordyn Edgerton, Nia Meadows, Jayda Allen and Clarissa Wilson are also eighth graders.

The Knights also will lose eighth graders Christian Haddock and Jaylen Lowe.

“It’s bittersweet,” Waller said. “The reason that we created Team Ivy was to create a sporting program for sixth to eighth grades that would give them an opportunity just to be able to compete in the ninth grade. I am very much pleased to know that the girls and guys that are leaving us have earned the opportunity to try out and be taken seriously.”

Graduates of the Ivy Prep basketball program have seen success in high school. A former Monarch, Cairo Booker, helped to lead Wesleyan School to the state championship in her first year there as a freshman. “I’m anticipating some of the other kids are going to do the same,” Waller said.

Team Ivy began the year with an expansion. A cheerleading squad and basketball team was added to the Kirkwood campus. The sports program will grow again in the fall. Waller hopes to raise $30,000 to add bleachers to the Kirkwood gym, pay coaches, install safety lining on the floors and purchase more athletic equipment. He wants to create a home gym for sports games.

“The director [of LukeSports] has come out to look at our facility and said it would work great,” said Waller. “In opening the gym, it gives us a chance to have an identity within the league and to build school pride. It is going to give us some exposure to allow other parents see how Ivy Prep is.”

Next school year, in addition to basketball, Ivy Prep scholar athletes also may be able to participate in volleyball and golf or tennis in the spring. Waller said parents will be needed as boosters to support the new teams and raise funds. He is working on a fund-raising campaign that will include crowd-funding through the website Kickstarter, which allows people to logon and donate online.

The expansion could help Ivy Prep grow its reputation as a school of choice for scholars interested in campuses with excellent college preparatory academics – and athletics.

“I need parents and the kids to be open to fundraising,” said Waller. “We are going to do some crowdfunding and get our brand out there so people understand what our program is about and how it correlates with academics. One dollar times a thousand people is a lot.”


Ivy Prep Schools to Receive “Star Ratings”

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Ivy Prep Schools to Receive “Star Ratings”

Ivy Preparatory Academy Network held two Town Hall meetings recently to discuss the state’s new performance rating system for local schools, which is being launched this spring.

The Georgia Department of Education’s new accountability system will assign up to five stars rating the efficiency of public schools. The star ratings will accompany a school’s overall numeric grade.

Schools will be judged using the College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI), which monitors student progress, school climate, parent satisfaction and financial stability.

“We will be graded on a scale of 0-to-100 the same way scholars are graded in class,” said Victoria Wiley, executive director of Ivy Prep Network.

Wiley encouraged parents to complete satisfaction surveys and brag about their school on social media, including websites like Completing parent surveys can add points to the school climate star rating, she said.

“The same way we get on and want to know whether we found a four-star hotel, the state will take your parent survey and develop a star rating for each school,” Wiley said.

The school rating system was changed by the state to help parents and the public better understand how local schools perform and compare with each other. It is a more comprehensive look at school performance than the previous pass-fail system. The previous rating system was based on an annual snapshot of test scores. Schools were designated as meeting “Adequate Yearly Progress” goals if students achieved benchmarks on state exams and in need of progress if test goals were missed.

The new rating system measures standardized test scores, parent and staff surveys, the academic growth rate of students and numerous other factors that make a school successful.

“It’s not just that my scholar passed the test,” said Joy Treadwell, principal of Ivy Prep Gwinnett. “We want to know how our scholars are growing over time so that we can make sure they will be college and career ready. Each year, you are going to see a growth rate. Students will be measured against their peers across the state.”

IPA Schools Narrow Achievement Gap

State performance index data reported for the 2012-13 school year shows that Ivy Prep Network schools are working to narrow the achievement gap between students of different races and incomes.

On average, Georgia public schools in 2012-13 received a performance index rating of 83.4. (The score includes 57.5 out of 70 possible student achievement points; 9.8 out of 15 student progress points; and 10.5 out of 15 achievement gap points for decreasing the learning gap between racial and economic groups.)

Ivy Prep Gwinnett out-performed the state average earning a score of 88.5. That score included 56.5 achievement points, 10.5 progress points and a perfect score of 15 achievement gap points.

Ivy Prep Gwinnett also scored higher than several other nearby Gwinnett middle schools with diverse populations and families who qualify for free and discounted lunch.

IPA Gwinnett scored higher than Summerour Middle of Norcross, which received a score of 77.1, and Louise Radloff Middle School, which received an overall score of 80.9.

The index rating for Ivy Prep Kirkwood School for Girls was 73.3, a performance rating higher than the 71.2 average for DeKalb County Schools, but slightly lower than the state average.

Kirkwood’s School for Girls also outperformed nearby elementary and middle schools serving similar diverse and economic populations. It scored higher than Chapel Hill Middle of Decatur, which received a 70.9.

Kirkwood’s Young Men’s Leadership Academy received an average score of 54.3 score.

Ivy Prep Network administrators said performance index ratings for all three schools are expected to increase due to changes in the curriculum. Last August, Ivy Prep campuses launched block scheduling to give scholars more time in classes to grasp lessons. Core classes for scholars run 90-minutes instead of an hour.

“We want to make sure at Ivy Prep that we are closing the achievement gap,” said Wiley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to five Frequently Asked Questions about the new performance rating:

Q: What is CCRPI?
A: It is a new accountability system called the College and Career Ready Performance Index, which will roll out for the first time this spring. It shows parents and the public how schools are performing in a more comprehensive manner than the former pass/fail Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) system.

Q: How are schools scored?
A: Each CCRPI report uses student achievement and school performance data from the previous school year. Each school will be assigned a star rating on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. This rating takes into account student, teacher and parent surveys; academic performance; and school effectiveness. Each school will also receive a grade from 0-100 just as our scholars do in their classes.

Q: How is an individual student’s progress tracked?
A: Progress is measured by your scholar’s academic performance, standardized exam performance and the Student’s Growth Percentile or SGP. An SGP describes a student’s growth in performance on state tests as compared to their peers statewide with similar prior achievement. A student’s growth percentile can range from 1 to 99,

Q: Why did the state Department of Education change the school accountability system?
A: The state Department of Education wants Georgia students to be 100 percent prepared for college and careers upon graduation. The new system is a more comprehensive approach to evaluating schools. The state wants Georgia public school graduates to be competitive globally. The index can be used as a roadmap for school improvement.

Q: Do high schools use the same performance index?
A: The index rates high schools by monitoring final exam scores; enrollment in Advanced Placement courses and fine arts classes; graduation rates; and participation in college entrance exams, among other things.

For more info:

Still Enrolling for 2014-2015!

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Still Enrolling for 2014-2015!

Ivy Preparatory Academy is still accepting Lottery Applications for the 2014-2015 school year. You may download the application here or pick up a paper copy from the front offices at our Gwinnett and Kirkwood campuses.

Note: Because the Lottery Application deadline has passed, some grade levels may have a Waiting List. For questions about enrollment in specific grades, please contact the registrar at your desired campus.



(.PDF, 4 pages)


Ivy Preparatory Academy at Gwinnett
3705 Engineering Drive
Norcross, Georgia  30092
(770) 342-0089

  • Serving girls
  • For residents of Gwinnett County
  • Enrolling in grades 6-8 for 2014-2015
  • Note: Due to the large number of returning scholars in grades 9-11, new seats may not be available for our high school program. However, please follow the “Download” link above and complete the form, you will be notified if seats became available.


Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood
1807 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30317
(404) 622-2727

  • Serving boys and girls in two single-gender academies
  • For residents of DeKalb County
  • Enrolling in grades K-9 for 2014-2015

K-12 Instructional Resources

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K-12 Instructional Resources

Due to the inclement weather and the scheduled school holiday, IPA scholars will return to school Wednesday, February 19. In order to ensure our scholars stay on track and focused, we have provided a list of resources. These links can be accessed electronically. Thank you for your continued support to fulfill our mission!

Download the List

Team Ivy Sports Plans Expansion As Girls Basketball Program Nears Playoffs

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Team Ivy Sports Plans Expansion As Girls Basketball Program Nears Playoffs

Coach Terrence Waller is planning for the day when new students will choose Ivy Prep not only for its college prep academic program, but also for its competitive sports.

And he has already begun to lay the foundation to expand Team Ivy Athletics.

In August, on the heels of a Gwinnett girl’s basketball tournament win, Waller expanded the basketball and cheerleading program to Ivy Prep Kirkwood.

And now, he’s spending school funds to make improvements in the Kirkwood gym so that Ivy Prep can host home games next year in basketball – and volleyball.

“We want to show that we are fully committed to athletics and have a facility for home games,” said Waller. “We will be looking to parents to support the teams, come to the games and volunteer in the concession stand.”

Officials with LukeSports will inspect improvements in the gym at Kirkwood to determine whether its basketball hoops and spectator areas meet qualifications to host home games for the league. The exposure could bring hundreds of parents and students to Ivy Prep next school year for athletic competitions.

On Friday, Team Ivy Girls Basketball, which has a 5-1 record, will play KIPP South Fulton Academy at 7:45 p.m. at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate Gym, 98 Anderson Ave. NW Atlanta. It will be the first game in nearly a month for the girls after snowfall and a forfeit by a competitor cancelled earlier contests.

Team Ivy has been cleaning up its offense and working on problem areas in its defense during the down time. Waller said if the team wins its next game, the Monarchs would return to the playoffs again and likely play the Lady Vikings and another team. The Lady Vikings is the one team that beat the Monarchs two years in a row including last school year when Ivy Prep won the tournament.

Kirkwood’s Boys Basketball team, The Knights, have a 0-6 record. Coaches say the team may rally and win its final games.

The Knights face KIPP South Fulton Academy at 8:45 p.m. Friday at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate Gym.

“The first year for the girls’ team we won 2-8,” Waller said. “This year, I would like to see the boy’s team win the rest of their games.”

The Knights have been working on communication, team-building and sharpening plays. Their record will improve next season as the team continues to bond.

Next school year, in addition to basketball, Ivy Prep scholar athletes also may be able to participate in volleyball, tennis and golf. Waller said parents will be needed as boosters to support the new teams and raise funds.

“Football and baseball will probably be the last sports added because of the expensive equipment costs,” said Waller.