Curriculum & Achievement

The Curriculum

The college preparatory curriculum at Ivy Preparatory Academy is formulated with state and national standards, and is executed by teachers who utilize instructional strategies that are based on researched and nationally recognized best practices.  Although rigorous, the Ivy Prep academic program is also uniquely designed to support students of various ability levels.

The Ivy Prep academic program supports all enrolled scholars by differentiating instruction, and providing extended time in the day for learning, remediation and enrichment. Teachers use both traditional and innovative teaching methods that will prepare students for the rigors of high school and college. Additionally, Ivy Prep has a very comprehensive student services component that supports scholars through Saturday and Summer Academy, homework club, study and organization classes.

At each grade level, scholars have “connections” classes that expose them to fine arts, fitness, Ivy League college readiness, humanities and foreign languages.

The Academics

Ivy Prep seeks to accomplish the mission of “thoroughly preparing middle and high school scholars for the colleges and universities of their choice” by providing a college preparatory curriculum in a safe, supportive single-gender environment.

The Ivy Prep academic program is enriching, challenging and focuses on the individual and collective academic needs and learning styles of young people.

In addition to engaging Science and Social Studies classes, each middle school scholar at Ivy Prep has two non-consecutive hours of Math and English Language Arts.

The Culture

At IPA, we work to maintain an environment that is warm, structured and where our scholars feel safe taking academic and personal positive risks. At Ivy, acts of kindness are not just random, but are expected. IPA scholars are encouraged to take on leadership roles, participate in student advocacy activities, and where appropriate, assist in the operations of the school as interns and apprentices. Weekly, the entire IPA family gathers to celebrate student achievement and sisterhood. Scholars are also treated to guest lecturers who present mission aligned messages that enhance and empower our scholars on their journey to college.

Character development is integrated throughout the Ivy Prep culture and curriculum with a focus on the school’s 4 core values: Perseverance, Responsibility Engagement and Professionalism.

Our school culture, values and expectations for all scholars help to make Ivy Prep more than just a school, but a community and family.

Testing Security

A Special Note to Ivy Prep Parents:

As we enter the testing season, Ivy Preparatory Academy wants to reassure you that your child’s test scores will be accurate, because we have strict testing securities in place. Teachers do not have access to the test outside of the testing time window. Test booklets are counted daily and shelved in a secure, locked room. If you are ever aware of any concerns, please feel free to report them to your scholar’s administrator.

2013-2014 CRCT Results

Note: Results are preliminary and do not reflect CRCT-M.

Ivy Preparatory Academy at Gwinnett

2013-2014_CRCT_GW_6 2013-2014_CRCT_GW_7 2013-2014_CRCT_GW_8

Ivy Preparatory Academy at Kirkwood for Girls

2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_3 2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_4 2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_5 2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_6 2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_7 2013-2014_CRCT_IPAKG_8

Ivy Preparatory Young Men’s Leadership Academy

2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_3 2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_4 2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_5 2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_6 2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_7 2013-2014_CRCT_YMLA_8